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Hypermedia, taller de configuración y comunicación del proyecto arquitectónico, es un grupo de investigación interdepartamental de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, con sede en la ETSAM.


Rodrigo Delso Gutiérrez is, above all, a chronopath. He is also an architect from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (2012) that currently works as a researcher and teacher assistant in the same university thanks to the program FPU (Formación del Profesorado Universitario) from the Ministry of Education of Spain.His formal training was complemented at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, 2008) and with a Master in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths University (London, 2013) thanks to La Caixa scholarship to develop his ongoing PHD titled ChronoPolis that has been also awarded in the competition Arquímedes (2014) for young researchers of Spain organized by the Ministry of Education. His research interests lay in the assemblage formed by Global Time within the orthodox urban environments that are being penetrated by new technologies and notions of simultaneity, synchronicity and instantaneity.He is also co-founder of JARD which is a physic-digital architectonic office that works a daily average of 13 hours, 23 minutes and 54 seconds in a discontinuous space-time that compromises a mutant net of people with diverse profiles linked to sociology, engineering, architecture, arts, philosophy, pedagogy or communication. JARD has been part of several exhibitions, won international competitions in different fields and organized urban actions, gallery opennings or pedagogy workshops.

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