Hypermedia, taller de configuración y comunicación del proyecto arquitectónico, es un grupo de investigación interdepartamental de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, con sede en la ETSAM.

Sublime Oasis in Transit

Investigador: Diego Iglesias Gómez

Fecha de publicación: Julio 2016

Institución: Architectural Association School of Architecture


SUBLIMEOASISINTRANSIT.COM is an interactive documentary: an interface that provides an in-depth tour through the work produced by Unit 2 during the Summer School 2016 at the Architectural Association, London.

This is an Academic collective construction -“Sublime Oasis In-transit”-, in the way of a complex system of individual events that are infrastructurally assem-bled, pursuing that hypermedia transgresses the logical boundaries of physical space/time/frame.

This Hyper-Diorama is a visual masterpiece between the fictional and the distilled real fragments of our cabinets; an artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide . Horizon and scale are multiple, manipulating frame and disrupting linear sequence.

By including texts, images and videos, this Hyper-Media tool establishes a systematical and interconnective articulation of those projective and architectural moments developed during the course, together with an encyclopaedic collection of (extraordinary) data that attempt to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the (selected) world. This is both an operative and accumulative tool, an ideological as well as technical construction.

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