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Action Drawing, a bet on drawing. (2016)

ARTICLE: (Article)

Title: Action Drawing, a bet for the drawing. (2016)

  • Author(s): Maria Asuncion Salgado De La Rosa, Javier Fco. Raposo Grau and Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra.
  • Magazine (magazine): “EGA. Journal of architectural graphic expression”.
  • Pages: 246-257.
  • ISSN: 1133-6137.
  • DOI: https://doi.org/10.4995/ega.2016.6088.
  • Summary: The unlimited growth model has entered crisis and its consequences collide head-on with the understanding of building as the ultimate goal of architecture. More than at any other time, there is a debate about the future of architecture, raised from other points of view. A serious discussion from the drawing, discipline in which the greatest technological advances of recent times have been experienced, could be the solution.
  • Keywords: Architecture, future, sustainability
  • Abstract: The model of unlimited growth of the cities has entered into crisis and its consequences collide head-on with the understanding of the building as the ultimate purpose of the architecture. More than ever, it is necessary to generate a debate on the future of the architecture, raised from new pointsof view. Open the debate from the graphical experimentation, from the drawing, could be a solution, given that it is a discipline that has experienced one of the most technological advancements in recent times.
  • Key words: Architecture, future, sustainability.
  • Link: http://oa.upm.es/44594/

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