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Towards "augmented home": background milestones. (2013)

COMMUNICATION IN CONGRESS: (Communication in conference)

Title: Towards «augmented home»: background milestones.

  • Author(s): Atxu Amann Alcocer, Angelique Trachana and Magdalini Grigoriadou.
  • Place (place): Madrid. Eduardo Torroja Institute.
  • ISBN: 978-84-7292-421-5.
  • Summary: If Dorothy were contemporary of ours, she would surely never have returned from Munchkinland. However, our houses are quite similar to the farm where he returned from that dream of freedom. We lived in houses yesterday a life of science fiction. A space conceived in the last century comomachine’s habiter is implemented with more or less robotic mechanisms, applications and artifacts that live happily with velvet cortiones and family memories. Of housing and its production as the largest topic of socio-economic interest of the nineteenth century focused on both type and dimensional regulation, a concern regarding safety, hygiene and health to arrive, already at the forefront of the twentieth century , through purevisualaesthetic aesthetics, industrialization and prefabrication.

    However, outside of architecture, the housing revolution came from the hand of the telephone and television that organized domestic time and everyday life. Time has surpassed space and the house of the enlarged future around the ipad journey and the evolved smartphone becomes an interface between the body and the city. Our communication aims to introduce «augmented home», such as domestic time in an integrated body and information system.

  • Keywords: Space, domestic time, body, information.
  • Abstract: If Dorothy were contemporary to us, certainly she would have never come back from Munchkinland to a home that looks exactly like that farmhouse she left searching for a freedom dream. We live science fiction lives in yesterday shelters. Series of applications devices and mechanisms invade the machine ? habiterconceived last century and live peacefully with blue velvet curtains and family memories. Dwelling meant the main socioeconomic subject in the XIX, and from the housing production focusing both in the type and in a regulation concerning dimensions, safety and hygiene, avant garde architects led their worries either to the aesthetic aspects or to industrialization and prefabrication.

    However, as usual, far from architecture, domestic revolution came through telephone and television sets that organized our domestic time. Now, time has overtaken the space and the future home is rather an extent space around the ipad and smartphone user movements, becoming an interface between the body and the city. In this work, we aim to introduce the «augmented home» as the domestic time system that integrate body and information wherever we are located.

  • Keywords: Domestic space-time, body, information.
  • Link: http://oa.upm.es/26781/

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