Hypermedia, workshop on configuration and communication of the architectural project, is an interdepartmental research group of The Polytechnic University of Madrid, located at ETSAM.


Teleproject. International pedagogical experience in the practice of the architectural project. (2017)

City, ICTS and women's perspective. (2017)

Rem at both sides of the mirror. (2017)

Liquid learning: learning from uncertainty. (2017)

AlfondoaLADERECHA. (2017)

COCA 2017. Mediations. (2017)

The fundamentals as the greatest of radicalities. The 'generic' strategy. (2017)

The cultivation of talent in university education. (2017)

Integration of apprenticeships into cross-cutting competences and specific competencies in a pedagogical framework for the development of creativity. (2017)

Global design of an international event as a horizontal workshop within the framework of university master's degree studies. (2017)

Back to the map. New architectural strategies on the ground. (2017)

Two Modes of Tokyo Temporalities : Shibuya and Taito under-construction everyday life. (2017)

Two modes of Tokyo temporalities. Shibuya and Taito under-construction everyday-life. (2017)

Education for action. Low-cost action strategies for the sustainable development of oasis architecture. (2015)

Education for action. Low-cost action strategies for the sustainable development of oasis architecture. (2015)

Sustainability and other counter-intuitive demands on the pedagogy of creativity. (2015)

Processes in the construction of public space: bottom up versus topdown processes. Informal spaces and alternative uses. (2015)

Methodologies in Initiation to Architectural Creation. (2015)

A crossroads for today's architecture: four generations speak of the paths opened by Le Corbusier. (2014)

Production, transformation, storage and consumption in contemporary domestic cuisine. (2014)

The flexible interface for affordable housing. The intermediate space in four buildings of Amann Cánovas Maruri. (2014)

Draw to project. (2014)

Strategies applied to the teaching of "draw to project" from the discipline of drawing. (2014)

Different spaces in an out-of-sync world. The speed of the architects in college. (2014)

A Pedagogy On Sustainable Architecture: Solar Hacking decathlon. (2013)

Towards "augmented home": background milestones. (2013)

Program at RNE

The essence of the kinetic. Drawing, architecture and process. (2012)

Building a space. Approach to the reality of architectural practice. (2012)

The emblematic and controversial contest of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, 1919. (2012)

Women's landscape: contemporary systematization of scattered variables. (2012)

From top/down: from outside/inside. (2012)

Educational play and innovation. (2011)

Contagion learning. Case study: campus cde project technology 100×10. (2011)

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