Hypermedia, workshop on configuration and communication of the architectural project, is an interdepartmental research group of The Polytechnic University of Madrid, located at ETSAM.

hypermedial models applied to teaching.

Teleproject. International pedagogical experience in the practice of the architectural project. (2017)

Cinematic framing: a study on the "limit" in two-dimensional composition. (2017)

The fundamentals as the greatest of radicalities. The 'generic' strategy. (2017)

The cultivation of talent in university education. (2017)

Integration of apprenticeships into cross-cutting competences and specific competencies in a pedagogical framework for the development of creativity. (2017)

Global design of an international event as a horizontal workshop within the framework of university master's degree studies. (2017)

The creative experience. Reflections on a new model of Education in the field of architectural graphic creation. (2017)

The cyber nettly hypothesis in the augmented city. Communication and digital ecology. (2017)

Exam evaluation: the desirable critical emancipation of the student from projects. (2017)

RACA: Architectural Radio Communication (2017)

Entrepreneurship: Dirsuptive Innovation in Academics and Business. (2017)

Action Drawing, a bet on drawing. (2016)

Approximations and Creative Procedures in the Project-Des_aprendizaje Learning Processes. (2016)

Imagine : draw and write : pedagogical tours around the project with Javier Seguí. (2016)

Theoretical contextualization of the pedagogical act: the case of ETSAM. (2016)

Education for action. Low-cost action strategies for the sustainable development of oasis architecture. (2015)

Sustainability and other counter-intuitive demands on the pedagogy of creativity. (2015)

Theoretical contextualization of the pedagogical act in the teaching and learning of the architectural project: the case of the E.T.S.A.M. (2015)

MAca | Master’s Degree in Architectural Communication

Methodologies in Initiation to Architectural Creation. (2015)

Reflection on initiation when projecting architecture. (2015)

Allegories of travel and cities. (2014)

Draw to project. (2014)

Speculation: propedeutic workshop of strategic actions linked in the projecting. (2014)

Draw, process, communicate: architectural projecting as the origin of a graphic-plastic process. Teaching implications. (2014)

Strategies applied to the teaching of "draw to project" from the discipline of drawing. (2014)

The zero-degree of architecture. (2013)


A Pedagogy On Sustainable Architecture: Solar Hacking decathlon. (2013)

Learn playfully. Game and performance to drive innovation and creativity at the University. (2013)

Working with hands. Surprised with the common accustomed to the strange. (2012)

Atlas Cohabital I. (2012)

Establishing a system of competences in the framework of undergraduate and master studies: application to creativity. From a general frame. (2012)

Building a space. Approach to the reality of architectural practice. (2012)

Marta Mata Award. (2012)

Interactive atlas of citizen habitability. (2012)


Small guide to the creative use of hands. (2012)

The transformation of the city’s structures. (2012)

Atlas cohabital II. (2012)

The illuminator grade studies. (2012)

Manual or digital. Architecture, body experience and digital code. (2012)

The release of hands for creativity and innovation. (2012)

Women's landscape: contemporary systematization of scattered variables. (2012)

From top/down: from outside/inside. (2012)

About drawing, projecting. (2012)

The city as a space of dynamic relationships. (2011)

Designing archeology. (2011)

Athens courses. (2011)

Draw and project architecture? (2011)

Educational play and innovation. (2011)

Fundamentals of form and architectural space. (2011)

Contagion learning. Case study: campus cde project technology 100×10. (2011)

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