Hypermedia, workshop on configuration and communication of the architectural project, is an interdepartmental research group of The Polytechnic University of Madrid, located at ETSAM.

Ph. D. Thesis

Disarchitecture : Intellectual Disability as a means of architectural cognition. (2017)

Cinematic framing: a study on the "limit" in two-dimensional composition. (2017)

The unbuilt architecture of Félix Candela: evolution of the architecture of Félix Candela from his unbuilt projects 1939-1997. (2017)

Radical spatiality : dissident architectural practices in contemporary occupations (2017)

Body and house : towards the contemporary domestic space from the transformations of the kitchen and the bathroom. (2016)

The dissolution of the architectural : tours of the dOCUMENTA (2016)

Between: suddenly, endlessly, the unspeakable. (2016)

Accompanying and intensifying incoming information in the generative exploration. (2016)

Plant processes in the female body. Symbologies of material behavior through art. (2016)

Approximations and Creative Procedures in the Project-Des_aprendizaje Learning Processes. (2016)

Architectural design and protection in case of fire: Spanish normative development in the field of evacuation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. (2016)

Artificial skin : architectural metamorphosis of the body through the surface. (2016)

Imagine : draw and write : pedagogical tours around the project with Javier Seguí. (2016)

Hyper Tokyo: Hypermedial Situationist Approach to Urban Daily Life in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. (2016)

Theoretical contextualization of the pedagogical act: the case of ETSAM. (2016)

The tour: evaluation of the sensory and formal qualities of the urban environment as part of the criteria of walkability. Taipei City as a case study. (2015)

Retrovisions : the mirror as a threshold and spatial phenomenon : relationships with architecture, scenery and artistic installation. (2016)

Theoretical contextualization of the pedagogical act in the teaching and learning of the architectural project: the case of the E.T.S.A.M. (2015)

The Creative Thinking of Fernando Higueras (2015)

Formal configuration of the Romanesque rosets of the city of Zamora (2015)

Sustainable development strategies of the architecture of the Oasis of M'hamid, Sahara Desert. (2015)

Tobacco industrial architecture in mainland Spain: dryers and factories. (2015)

The dissolution of the architectural : tours of the dOCUMENTA (13). (2015)

The Augmented Environment: Informational Imperative for a Digital Ecology of the Architectural. (2014)

The construction of interiority in the orientalist shelters of Pierre Loti, Sir Frederic Leighton and Claude Monet (2014)

Inhabit the unreal. Approaches to an architectural of the virtual worlds. (2014)

The imaginary in the genesis of the architectural project: The construction of reality through myth, utopia and cyberculture. (2014)

Uncertainty strategies: systems, interactive machines and self-organization. (2013)

Place/No-Place/Place in Contemporary Architecture. (2012)

Felix Candela's unbuilt architecture

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