Hypermedia, workshop on configuration and communication of the architectural project, is an interdepartmental research group of The Polytechnic University of Madrid, located at ETSAM.


Teleproject. International pedagogical experience in the practice of the architectural project. (2017)

City, ICTS and women's perspective. (2017)

Rem at both sides of the mirror. (2017)

Liquid learning: learning from uncertainty. (2017)

AlfondoaLADERECHA. (2017)

COCA 2017. Mediations. (2017)

Technology transfer: from the film industry to architecture. (2017)

Facilities, stains, drawings, structures, patterns, maps and Nature. Methodology, Innovation and self-criticism. (2017)

A new academic realm: video-game enroll in College. (2017)

A list of immeasurable exercises to Draw. (2017)

Towards a Radical Spatiality. Dissident architectural practices in contemporary occupations. (2017)

Post-revolution urban landscape. Transformation of public spaces after 2011 revolutions. (2017)

Meantime Shibuya. Potential and Opportunities of Temporal Common Spaces in Shibuya's Urban Redevelopment. (2017)

Autonomy and Automation in the Architectural Project: The Algorithm of Hypermobile Commuter's City. (2017)

Artistic expressions of people with intellectual disabilities and their relationship to architectural cognitive strategies. (2017)

The fundamentals as the greatest of radicalities. The 'generic' strategy. (2017)

The cultivation of talent in university education. (2017)

Integration of apprenticeships into cross-cutting competences and specific competencies in a pedagogical framework for the development of creativity. (2017)

Global design of an international event as a horizontal workshop within the framework of university master's degree studies. (2017)

The creative experience. Reflections on a new model of Education in the field of architectural graphic creation. (2017)

Back to the map. New architectural strategies on the ground. (2017)

From towards grey green. (2017)

Watching Puerta del Sol: on protest space and its temporalities. (2017)

Two Modes of Tokyo Temporalities : Shibuya and Taito under-construction everyday life. (2017)

Two modes of Tokyo temporalities. Shibuya and Taito under-construction everyday-life. (2017)

Gender, labels and the public square. (2017)

Inaugural conference of the academic year of the Faculty of Architecture and Design FADU. (2017)

Oasis Architecture Sustainable Development Strategies (2017)

The cyber nettly hypothesis in the augmented city. Communication and digital ecology. (2017)

Rem Koolhaas: context in concept and vice versa. Conceptualizing contexts or contextualizing concepts. (2017)

Exam evaluation: the desirable critical emancipation of the student from projects. (2017)

The domes of Felix Candela. Analysis and reconstitution of the sports facilities of Brown University, 1965-1972. (2017)

The triple spiral staircase in the convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval (Santiago, Spain): design and construction hypothesis. (2017)

Entrepreneurship: Dirsuptive Innovation in Academics and Business. (2017)

Hybrid city. Learning to make cities through the daily use of the internet (2017)

Graphic rhetoric. The architect's drawing as a critical communication tool (2017)

Kitchen: body and desire. (2016)

Public space as a game board. (2016)

Architectural Activism. (2016)

Temporary ad-hoc dissident architecture in the state of exception. (2016)

Fundamentals as the greatest of radicalities. The "generic" strategy. (2016)

The architecture of the immaterial in Rem Koolhaas. (2016)

Urban Hacktivism. Activating the Post-Public space. (2016)

Fundamentality as the greatest radicalism. The strategy of 'generic'. (2016)

Architecture and communication. An archaeology of the mediating building. (2016)

Action Drawing, a bet on drawing. (2016)


The other showers. Hygiene control since the nineteenth century through the shower and bathroom-shower. (2016)

Open Spance improvement and Mixed-Use (2015)

Education for action. Low-cost action strategies for the sustainable development of oasis architecture. (2015)

Education for action. Low-cost action strategies for the sustainable development of oasis architecture. (2015)

Sustainability and other counter-intuitive demands on the pedagogy of creativity. (2015)

The Conflict of Urban Synchronicity and its Heterotemporalities: Asynchronous Citizenship. (2015)

Processes in the construction of public space: bottom up versus topdown processes. Informal spaces and alternative uses. (2015)

Introduction to the procedural project. (2015)

A striking social housing scheme

Spanish Architecture

Woman and architecture. (2015)

Extreme Temperatures (2015)

Urban Living International Workshop. New urban lifestyles in Berlin (2015)

Objects and systems. (2015)

Unnamed places. Dignity, habitability and sustainability, sociability and edonism. (2015)

The tactic. Context from a form perspective. (2015)

The Intermediate Space (2015)

The Coslada Hybrid (2015)

Urbe ludens: the pleasure of "doing together" city. (2015)

Sensitive Urbanism and Contexts. (2015)

Specialization course: Infographic. (2015)

Radical spatiality

Occupying with indiscretion

Methodologies in Initiation to Architectural Creation. (2015)

Reflection on initiation when projecting architecture. (2015)

Management takes over (2015)

A crossroads for today's architecture: four generations speak of the paths opened by Le Corbusier. (2014)

Production, transformation, storage and consumption in contemporary domestic cuisine. (2014)

The flexible interface for affordable housing. The intermediate space in four buildings of Amann Cánovas Maruri. (2014)

'That Light' in Ricardo Santoja. The art of construction in Spain. (2014)

Architectural Invariants. Notes on an anthropology of habitat. (2014)

Activity report of the architectural graphic ideation department 2012-13

Draw to project. (2014)

Working with Hands: Surprised with the Common, Accustomed to the Strange

The hybrid city. The mediation of ICT in the experience of the city. (2014)

Speculation: propedeutic workshop of strategic actions linked in the projecting. (2014)

Draw, process, communicate: architectural projecting as the origin of a graphic-plastic process. Teaching implications. (2014)

Deck over a roman site in Cartagena. (2014)

Architectural Of the Augmented City. Tension, extension, tuning. (2014)

Strategies applied to the teaching of "draw to project" from the discipline of drawing. (2014)

Urbe Ludens: spaces for play in the city. (2014)

Cover for the archaeological park in El Molinete. (2014)

Different spaces in an out-of-sync world. The speed of the architects in college. (2014)

A crime of crowds. (2014)

The digital code. On the status of contemporary architecture. (2013)

The zero-degree of architecture. (2013)


A Pedagogy On Sustainable Architecture: Solar Hacking decathlon. (2013)

Learn playfully. Game and performance to drive innovation and creativity at the University. (2013)

Monteagudo Museum. (2013)

Working with hands. Surprised with the common accustomed to the strange. (2012)

Reinvent or die. (2013)

Atlas of Spanish collective housing twentieth century. (2013)


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